LoGH DNT: The Geier Takes Flight

This episode was hard to watch if you’re like me and saw the original show when young (or a 100x after that as an adult). The arc got many eps to go and the end is going to kill me.


Looking a Karl Gustav Kempff’s life and seeing his fam made it hurt even worse – the writers of DNT are breaking my heart. Also, the size difference here is the sexiest thing this season, don’t @ me.


Of course everyone is wondering why the hell Reinhard would choose Kempff and Müller for such an important mission (that’s Müller up there asking: Why da fuq we here, bro?) Well, the reason is Oberstein ofc – seen below in his bat cave with his boy wonder, Fern. 👇


Ober is willing to sacrifice Kempff and Müller – mainly because if they survive, they won’t be made the same rank as him (unlike two other bitchy Admirals that shall remain nameless).

Above is Anton Ferner, a touched look on his face because Ober asked him a question and used his name, not his rank. I think our little Fern practically jizzed his pants when that happened. Bless his heart – and Ober’s indifference to it all is part of his allure.

During the conversation, our king Ober’s eye started acting up


Here’s Fern fighting a smirk –

682268501861449728_7Anton Ferner is the sort who laughs at you, not with you.

Eye re-calibration complete – with no talk of cats and dogs and what they eat.


Glitching eye aside, I like the floating screens in DNT better than Ober’s old-school files that always got shuffled when he was trying to look busy.


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