All Out!! Revival

Over on the old-fujos discord there was an All Out!! Revival that went on from April to June.


Some drew art and posted it there, others wrote fics for the group. I also wrote fics, and unlike my fellow geriatrics, posted mine to AO3/Pixiv.

The first rule of the old fujos discord is never to talk about or link to the old fujos discord. (>_>) Sorry fam.

I’m not a Gion shipper, nor a Miyuki or Ebumi stan – they seem to be the most popular fic subjects, but I found some great and sexy pieces featuring Raita with Kirishima Kokuto from AO3s first group of writers, so the series has some good fic.

My pairings:

  • Kirishima-Ko/Raita | Wada/Ohorano | Daigo/Iwashimizu

[初めて] Hajimete : ‘Kūfuku no Yokohama’ editor, Etsugo Ōharano, joins famous food blogger Raita Kamō for a meal at a rugby-themed bar owned by their old teammate, Hirota Eiichi. While sampling the food, the pair reveal some highly personal firsts from their virgin trip the Hanazono finals.

  • TAGS: Ooharano Etsugo, Kamo Raita, Hirota Eiichi, Kirishima Kokuto, Wada Toshirou, Miki Ikuta, Dialogue Heavy, First Time, Food, adult characters, Post-Canon, conversational fluff.

Crack a Bone, Etsu-Kun! : Oohorano gets an Insta message from Tōdō Dai Sagami’s rugby team captain.

  • Wada Toshirou/Oohorano Etsugo, Oohorano Etsugo/Wada Toshirou, Wada Toshirou, Ooharano Etsugo, Kamo Raita, Suwa Yuusaku, Ogi Youichi, Hisakawa Kumio, Kirishima Kokuto, Zanba Ryuujin, Horikawa Kenya, Texting, Embedded Images, gay dating, statistics kink.

Kanazawa Seaside Line : Raita learns where the day takes you after a chance meeting with a familiar face.

  • Kamo Raita/Kirishima Kokuto, Kamo Raita, Kirishima Kokuto, First Time, Photography, College, Masturbation, Oral Sex.

Sekibetsu : Bookstores bring out Iwashimizu’s sexual side.

  • Iwashimizu Sumiaki/Daigo Takashi, Daigo Takashi/Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Daigo Takashi, Mito Akira, Oume Kazukiyo, POV First Person, Oral Sex, Bookstore kink.

Obstacle (障害物) : Closet bibliophile Iwashimizu puts aside his crippling shyness after spotting a treasured tome peeking from an unattended book bag.

  • Daigo Takashi/Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Iwashimizu Sumiaki/Daigo Takashi, Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Ooharano Etsugo, Daigo Takashi, Gion Kenji, Ushu Narumi, Takano Kikuo, Miyuki Atsushi, Oku Yuri, Awkwardness, Sweet, Iwashi-centric.

We’re Friends, Right? : Yuri Oku can’t bring himself to look at Iwashi, and when best friend Miyuki demands to know why… he tells him.

  • Miyuki Atsushi/Yuri Oku, Yuri Oku, Miyuki Atsushi, Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Implied Sexual Content, Implied Relationships, Awkward Sexual Situations, Friendship.
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