LoGH: DNT Fortress vs Fortress Finale


Honestly – this was a great episode but we should’ve had it months ago. REVIEW UNDER THE CUT – CONTAINS SPOILERS:


☝🏽It starts with Müller and Kempff going over how badly they’ve been butt-fucked in space by the Alliance Forces. What they don’t know is that most of their strategical failure occurred because old man Merkatz got little Julian Mintz in his ear – but more on that later.


Kempff does exactly what Wen-Li assumed he’d do and plans to crash the fortresses into one another. This entire episode features stellar battles animated far better than their originals. This whole season of DNT is making up for its lack of characterization through narrative (missing in the first 2 seasons but loaded in the original series). There’s so much characterization with Kempff that you honestly feel bad – and his death is handled poignantly.

I teared up watching this because like I said before, Kempff is one of my favorites of the imperial Chadmirals, and his new design for DNT was a gei-komi fans wet dream.

Müller loses his ass and so much more because someone is going to have to answer for this loss (and it won’t be Oberstein, the real culprit).


Another interesting thing they added this episode is Wen-Li’s dislike that Julian Mintz was not only involved in Merkatz’ victory, but that the boy is this close to action at all. The military isn’t what he wanted for Julian as the man who raised him – but alas…

Another thing I loved about this episode is Dusty Attenborough entering his twunk phase when no one was looking.


Damn dude – you got that democratic swagger.

The fujobait was non-existent in this one, but gay subtext was comical. 👇🏽


And what? Fuck his face??

Neidhart Müller got enough to worry about because when he gets back to the mainland, someone’s head is gonna roll, and it’s likely going to be his.

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