LoGH: DNT E30 – A Single Fine Thread

I am Slavic and Jewish and I know Jew-coded when I see it. Fezzan and everyone connected to it could easily be people I grew up with – it’s that hilarious.


DNT pulls its ultimate glow-up with Rupert Kesserling (seen here as the original blond OG-Oberstein.) The New Rupert looks like someone at Production I.G. is a fan of Alan Cummings circa 1998.


Rupert is Adrian Rubinsky’s bastard son – but he’s also his shady bitch, putting the strings in place for his father’s impending puppet show.


He’s a sexy one for sure – and Oberstein has noticed.


Unfortunately the spy Ober sent to get intel on Fezzan’s brainy twunk ended up ‘dead accidentally on purpose’ for asking too many questions.


Your spy is dead, he’s not worth it daddy…

Oh but he is – and Ober knows it…


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