All Out: Raita/Kirishima-Ko

681731465439002624Read this article, ‘20 Role Play Ideas for Gay Couples’, and it got me thinking about my latest fujo escapades with Kamo Raita & Kokuto Kirishima.

Raita would suggest roleplay because Kokuto wouldn’t come up with it: he associates it with otaku cosplay, like when his brother talked him into playing a Gundam he could pilot. Kokuto spent the whole event carrying his brother around on his shoulders. It wasn’t a fun day, but nothing is ever fun with Sekito.

One day, while the pair are planning their annual summer vacation to Hokkaido to beat the heat (they’re from Yokohama, so anywhere north of Nagano is a plus), Raita finds a listing for an Edo Era minka for rent by the week. He shows it to Kokuto, points out how isolated it is with the surrounding farmland, and suggests they could have fun roleplaying one night.

RAITA: I’m a clever samurai detective working for the shogunate. I’m renowned for my masterful sword and passionate heart. I’m deadly yet handsome, like Shinomori Aoshi. Foes underestimate me due to my youthful looks, believing me a mere child until my blade cuts them to pieces.

KOKUTO: (You sure you aren’t more like the Sōjirō kid?)

I’m no child, ‘Kuto. You’ve seen my cock.

(Yeah. I can’t argue with that.)

My current mission has me stalking the Tohoku countryside for a suspected enemy. I travel in my regal yukata, just another rich man passing a plantation on my way to somewhere better. Suddenly, I come upon a burly farmer cutting barley in the field. It’s back-breaking work, and the sandy-haired man toils away in only a loincloth and straw sandals under the hot sun.  He’s you, ‘Kuto-sama

(Yeah, I figured that much out, Raita.)

I take a bucket of water out to you and offer you a drink. You take the bucket, and instead of drinking your fill, you innocently pour it over your head, washing away all that sweat and grime, letting that water cascade down your—

(Explain innocently?)

You’re a nubile virgin, ‘Kuto.
You don’t know your own hotness.

(Huh. Kind of like how we hooked up for real?)

I take off my regal yukata and spread it out under a shade tree. You think it’s because I’m a good man that’s concerned that you’re overworked, but oh no, once you’re under that tree, that’s when I make you mine.

(Yeah, so in this fantasy, you turn me into a field slut?)

Your summation is hotter than anything I just said.

(Do we at least end up together, Raita?)

Oh, we end up together, with you getting bred under that tree.

(Good. I want a traditional wedding, and my uchikake will match my rugby uniform. I looked good in Ryoin’s blue.)

No way, bro.
You’re marrying a Jinkou man. You’ll be in red and black.

(I want my marriage robes to reflect me as a person.)

Then we’re not getting married.

(You’d do me like that? Just seduce me and leave forever? What if I have a child? You’d be living your life without ever knowing.)

(Where are you going, Raita?)

(Hey, come out of that bathroom. You role played me into shit. You need to man up and do right by me!)

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