All Out!! Intentionally Gay

Having read Kodansha’s collected digital releases (and the fan translations) – one thing hasn’t escaped me at all: Yes, All Out!! is a seinen sports manga series – but it ran in Monthly Morning Two (along with Saint Young Men) notorious for its stories being ‘women’s seinen’ (because young straight guys could never share the same literature interests as women). *eye roll*

What made All Out!! so interesting was its clear fujo/fudan bait – and if intentional, then G*d bless Shirori Amase.

  • EXHIBIT A: The serialization openers.


No other character in All Out!! gives off the double-entente-slut vibe than Ooharano Etsugo. Shit, I  even love Ian Sinclair’s dub. A Japanese first-year (that’s high school Freshman for those Stateside) Ooharano’s got more sass than a truck stop twink turning the midweek trick at Buc-ees.

  • While his ‘Good Rugby’ (#7) chapter-illustration may seem innocuous, let’s take a gander at some of the others:


Dear lord. In context it makes total sense, but without context this is easily a page right out of Be-Boy GOLD (RIP my old friend). The hand reaching for him, the weepy side eye, and those inguinal folds?

  • Then there’s this ass shot of the captains:


Some like that high round ass, while others like those big cheeks that naturally spread. (My G*d, the booty’s on Wada, and Sekizan)

Yeah, this is seinen for young straight men >_>

  • On the flip side we have #11, featuring shota-bait Gion Kenji on the left, and upperclassmen mentor, a very hippy Raita Kamo.


Oh I’m sure someone has taught Raita Kamo (on the right) a lot of things. He’s the series’ resident catboy BTW. Jean-Luc Hestor’s dub is fucktackular and really captures Raita’s personality.

Then there’s this color pic:


In the back is a lovable giant with a sweet tooth and a knack for saying some bombastically gay shit to his opponents. In front we got Twin brothers that clearly have two different mothers, and on the throne sits the team captain who fujoshi think is banging his coach, or wants to because he’s got that oyaji-lust in his eye.

Those guys up there are from Ryoin, the undisputed champs – the unreachable ideal among the normal hetero rugby players that abound in All Out!!, but they’re posed here like members of the Salon from Motoni Modoru’s ‘Rika The Breeder.’

Keep in mind, they’re all seniors in high school. *thumbs up*

There’s something for everyone in All Out!! – the fat love is over the top.
I mean, I just adore it.


  • Then, we have Taira.


Now for those of who that want to ‘educate me’ on how Japanese men have a different concept of ‘friendship’, I’ve worked with Japanese men, in Japan. Fellow otaku that have said that even by their eastern standards–Taira’s lines are creepy as fuck.

Bless Taira, I say – he’s just being honest.

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