Be Back on Tuesday

Checking out for the weekend, but I did begin work on Lion/Owl episode 4:

The sea glows under the high sun, and from the horizon’s haze comes a shadow, then five, and then ten.

“What is that?” asks Begat, the toothless druid.

The indistinguishable becomes too many ships to count.

“The Roman wolves have paddled through the storm,” says Aedan.

Their escort, with more muscles than thoughts, grunts softly.

“There’s so many,” he whispers.

Begat smirks. “Ships can’t crawl over land.”

“No,” Aedan squats upon his rock and studies the fleas in her oily hair. “But ships carry horses hungry for grass and soldiers thirsting for blood.”

Their escort jogs toward his chariot.

“That one will die first, I reckon,” she says.

Aedan agrees. “He’ll be the first to greet Dumnorix in the underworld,”

Yep – the Roman fleet makes landfall and Aedan is there to see it. XD He takes the news back to Taran and it doesn’t go over well.

Anyway  – here’s a pic of my cat, Coalhouse


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