Thank You, Again.

Thank you everyone that boosted my two for one sale at BN – and thank you again to those going over to AO3 and giving my original serial some Kudos.

Struggling with Episode 3 at this time because there’s so much going on with real life lately. Stress-related block sucks and being a planner, I’m forced to write out of schedule to keep my ideas fresh. Been swimming laps and doing Pilates lately– and that’s when good dialogue hits me most.

Haven’t touched my screenplay, We’re Not Brothers, since finishing the first draft – WGA member still, and that’s a no-no right now even for spec shit at home. My pension is currently frozen until things gets cleared up so that means I’ll be selling some stock to pay for things I want to do (like replace our driveway and take a summer vacation.)

A fellow writer from our group laid down the gauntlet over drinks last week.
Is it possible to write an erotic scifi stage play?

I say yes on the scifi front. To me, every early episode of Red Dwarf felt like a stage play filmed for television. That being said, I think the play must be funny and avoid all those special-effects trappings. As for erotic–many plays are erotic and have been since the 80s.

After a cataclysmic event destroys Earth, a detached and nerdy misfit named Damian James wakes in a human ark and shares a cabin with the handsome and vivacious Bartek 9, a ‘specimen’ genetically engineered to propagate humanity. – Plot Sketch, Arkboy [2023]

Now, the above is a sexy comedy, but its also scifi. An uptight gay man (No offense, but Gen Z corner the market on this type of gay) wakes aboard a spaceship in a cabin shared with an eugenics-style hottie whose wanton sexual nature puts a kink in his resolve. Lots of themes can be hashed out here – from, no kink at pride and young gay romance shouldn’t include body fluids – to, there’s nothing wrong with kinks and body fluids or considering yourself a top or bottom. The ‘mores’ list is endless.

Character develops, naturally, as our uptight guy realizes that sex feels fucking good: he can still be conservative AND enjoy intimacy at its filthiest level. Our pan-sexual ‘breeder with a taste for cock’ also changes when he develops feelings for one man that impede his ability to ‘carry out his biological imperative.’

Anyway, I think scifi stage-plays are possible.

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