Fujoshis Don’t Care About You, Dude.


☝️The fujoshis when some bara-sign carrying fool comes along thinking its all about him because he met some homophobic yaoi-fans once (and yes, when they gush over your gayness to the point of cringe, that’s homophobia.)

Fujos aren’t ‘fetishizing’ you, they’re enjoying comics and films and have no idea you exist until you show up tossing commandment tablets at them like some fucking delusional Moses descending Mount Misogyny.

If the ‘girls you’ve met’ have made you feel objectified, then they’re creepers and everyone is fair game to them, not just ‘you and yours.’ In ten years, they’ll be lusting for something else.

Fujoshi are just fans of BL & geikomi, genres written and drawn by people of all genders that are lgbtqia themselves.

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