Yes, Gadarene in Missing


Yes, I know.

15 years ago, I wrote I horror script set in 1870s Five Points and couldn’t sell it. The reason? It was too artsy for some pubs, other pubs were too cheap to pay what an artist an I needed to make it, and others were bridges I burned during my ‘epic asshat campaign.’

I tapped c.b. Potts to novelize the damned thing and together we released Gadarene in print and eBook format. It was well reviewed and sold quite a few copies – and it marked my first ‘novel’ release.

Last year, the lovely Jo Rainor contacted me wishing to edit the novel. A professional editor, he loved the book and as a transperson, I had no qualms about handing him some cash and telling him to go for it. We worked together on some minor changes before I turned it over for a final proof to Fiverr Pro, Jess Hay.

I also redesigned the cover after not taking to the new cover. :/


Next month, Gadarene will re-release as a 15th Anniversary Edition, with the digital release first, and then a print release at the end of the month to coincide with the original 2008 ‘print publication’ release.

FYI – it’s grounded in my post-traumatic sexuality fixation – but first and foremost, it’s horror fiction. Yes, there’s gay romance – but there’s paranormal elements and gore that you won’t find in the average romance.

I’m kind of excited.

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