I’m Back: A Life Update

Passover was so absolutely packed with unrelated things.

My son has finally moved into the house and got a job as a security guard at a titanium plant on his fifth day here. The move was relatively painless, except the POD leaked; his purple mattress soaked up all the fluid and protected everything else he packed. He purchased a new purple mattress, and after a slight hiccup with removal of an old mattress, things went smoothly.

I started Pilates last week – thoughts and prayers are appreciated. My swimming continues, I’m M-F and am up to 10 laps of crawls, backs, breasts, and leg kicks. The initial weight loss of 8 pounds is water weight, so I could not care less; I won’t see any real results until December.

Tumblr cracks me the F up.

Last year, they locked down my paid account over 1 book review – causing me to lose all my followers (triple digits) and my paid theme. I deactivated the account and canceled the ad-free browsing. They refunded the theme, but three days ago – they charged me the annual cost of ad-free browsing on an account I haven’t used in over a year. 0_o I opened a support request – which angered me because I know it’s going to take weeks to sort out.

Lesson learned: never order any service from anyone without a phone number or live billing support. Thank the fates I’m 50-something and have money in the bank—I cannot imagine someone in their 20s getting charged 49$ out of nowhere for something they canceled and likely being overdrawn with no recourse for weeks out. FWIW, I have started posting through my RSS feed there – I mean, if I can’t get a refund, I will have it applied to that account. “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “

My BlueSky invite went through, and developers currently surround me; Mastodon’s been cool, and I love the people I met there—but posting images via voice text is a true pain in the ass. I’ll keep my BL and other gay-shit posts here or on Insta.

Will post a writing/creative update next…

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