Creative Things

The holiday limited my keyboard time, and now I’ve got two notebooks filled with plot sketches and dialogue for existing works-in-progress. Most of the new ideas are short stories I hope to write someday >_>

I completed all the planning I could on ‘We’re Not Brothers’, cracked open Final Draft, and began scripting. So far, it’s pretty clutch. Oddly enough, I never utilize the index cards, notes, and other perks in Final Draft. I use only the beat-board function and the screenplay template.

Celtx had been my go-to when I worked at WB, but once I retired, so did my access to the free software.

I saw a statistic online that said screenwriters work on a page a day – and I laughed. Not on free writes, we don’t. We type when the ideas are hot—then during the editing process, maybe a scene a day? Your mileage may vary.

I got up to page 60 (halfway mark for an average run-time feature) or the scene where the men have killed the Colonel and have wintered over in the bunker without the bastard for the first time.

On the music front, I rediscovered Eleven Pond, and the current earworms are Watching Trees, Black Keys, and Portugal.  They’ve become the literal soundtrack to The Lion & the Owl—of which, I haven’t worked on in weeks.

In other news – the 15th Anniversary release of Gadarene (my first co-authored horror novel) is set for June. I’m excited by the edits, not so excited by the new cover. Will post links here when the new edition is released.

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