Sunday Before Passover

Not much new stuff burning my brain this week, and productivity on established projects is in the single digits. I had too much going on outside the notebook this week (and the next) as my son and his partner are moving here from Texas. That meant shopping for stuff and getting unused things into the storage unit.

hereI also gave up my vehicle to the shop this week, and she’s as good as new.

I’ve had time for basic edits on We’re Not Brothers, but the dialogue upgrades feel hollow, so I may revisit them once things get back to normal. I began chapter 10 of Four Kings and couldn’t force the words no matter how much I tried. I’ll recharge my muse with some rugby-watching and re-read All Out. If neither of those works, I’ll pull out of plotster formation, and write scenes out of order. I only do that when I’m horny and something sexual comes to mind—pray for filth. (^_^)”

My spouse wants me to watch TV with him in the evenings again, so I’ve been watching Murdoch Mysteries (he loves this show) and the second season of Shadow and Bone (another boring show a la Wheel of Time that I suffer through for love.) Jack Wolfe looks like a whole-ass child, yet he’s the same age as Josha Stradowski. You know that man got a painting in bad shape hidden in some closet somewhere.

I’m watching The Boston Strangler today because Keira Knightley playing an American is always entertaining, and I have a crush on Carrie Coon. My spouse made me sit through season one of Britannia last night, and I didn’t dislike it – it’s an entertaining series, but it needs more lesbians or gays for me to 100% appreciate it.

Back to the gym tomorrow – my first time on the elliptical in over three weeks.

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