The Kill List

Most of the day spent catching up with old friends – but I did dedicate some of my Sunday to tapping out Berek Kozak’s ‘kill list.’ If unfamiliar with this project, check out post 1, post 2, post 3, and post 4.

Berek Kozak was taken from his Polish mother at age 11 by German officials because he fit their ‘Aryan ideal.’ (Not fiction, this happened to children throughout the occupied territories.) They renamed him Boris, but couldn’t tame him and so he endured much abuse. This turned him into a twisted person that made a Kill List that he began acting on around 1954.


Berek reunites with a younger man (Arik Tarski) he met during the war and forges a romantic relationship–unfortunately, he’s still rather twisted and bent on revenge. He and another former kidnapped child (now a man) get sloppy and leave evidence behind at a crime scene in 1960 – and this puts him in the crosshairs of a policeman (Natan Bytner) who knows he’s responsible not just for this death, but many others since the mid-50s;  the young policeman cannot physically tie Berek to the crimes but that doesn’t stop him trying.



Bastards that took me from my home:

  • Corporal Gunther Vos lives in Rostock, E- Germany
  • Corporal Hanz Voigt died in 1954.
  • Lieutenant Erich Schneider died in 1950.
  • Edith (Moyer) Liebman lives in Leipzig, E- Germany

Volksdeutsche School bitches

  • Doctor Edgar Kleindienst lives in Forst, E- Germany
  • Constance Muller (Language Arts) lives in Potsdam, E- Germany
  • Lena Beck (School Nurse) lives in Wittstock, E- Germany
  • Byron Scheldt (Physical Education) lives in Luckenwalde, E- Germany
  • Otto Wagner (Headmaster) lives in Louny, Czechoslovakia

Lebensraum Program idiots

  • The Vogel Family lives in Beeskow, E- Germany
    (Greta, Alma, Amalia, Lotte dead, Old Woman dead)
  • Scharführer (Corporal) Franz Horn lives in Cottbus, E- Germany
  • The Lang Family (Henri, Amalia, Eliana) lives in Kamenz, E- Germany

National Political Institute of Education fuckers

  • Lieutenant Klaus Richter lives in Rakcovnik, Czechoslovakia, as Karl Minsk.
    • Cadet Lyle Krause – Anklam, E- Germany
    • Cadet August Hummel – Demmin, E- Germany
  • Inspector Werner Haas lives in Sebnitz, E- Germany, as Walenty Hrabowski
    • August Jarosz lives in Kolno.
    • Ada Jarosz died in 1949
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