Knowing Stuff is Awesome

I played Railroad Tycoon for years – and in that time I retained some information that at the time seemed useless– until last night.


Berek shows up in Skierniewice in December 1960 to attend the viewing of Ruta Koblencja – that’s when he sees Ari for the first time since the field hospital – about 15 years. He clearly likes what he sees, so how does he arrange for an permanent move if he’s working the Berlin – Poznan – Warsaw line?

Well, history is on my side, thanks to what I know about Polish rail from playing Railroad Tycoon. 👍 In the mid-50s, new lines opened for the Skierniewice–Łuków moving coal to the east, requiring the class Ty51 locomotive (a heavy freight decopod-train called a stocker.) Poland Rail increased the number of ‘stockers’ housed in Skierniewice to over 36 in 1961. They built more rail yards and a huge turntable there as they increased the stockers count.

Berek’s a stocker-driver.
I didn’t even have to research this shit!

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