Yes Virginia, Gay Men Fart

Morning spent polishing character backgrounds for my writer-group project. One of the characters is a police officer naked named Natan (who is going to bring the heat to Berek * his killing spree?) He’s a younger man who also endured war-torn Poland as a child, with just as much trauma (if not more) as Berek—but he didn’t emerge with a need to murder the world.

I’m already salivating at the notion of putting Arik between them (not sexually.)

It’s post-lunch and time to work on the novel.

I got an interesting DM yesterday from a young reader chastising me for ‘fart humor’ in this novel; she suggests gay men don’t act like this. I kindly suggested she stop reading BL & m|m romance and make some real gay men friends.

I’ve had to do it these past thirty years; it’s not that complicated. Newsflash, gay men are men, and all young men dabble in fart humor. Another fact of life? ALL HUMANS dabble in fart humor.

We have been doing it since the caves.

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