Dialogue – 4 Kings Ch. 5

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Max gave him the once-over. “Thanks for the water, Loob,”
“Ask, and you shall receive,” he said.
“Why’s he so special?” Honza demanded.
Wad agreed. “He’s never this nice to us,”
“I got to be nice to Max,” Lubo explained. “He’s a baby gay, and his brother is a Picasso-shaped dildo.”
“Roman’s better looking than me, though,” said Max.
“Bitch, please,” Lubo uttered.
“I agree,” said Wad.
“You’re not ugly, Max,” Honza said. “Trust an ugly guy when he tells you this,”
Lubo and Wad exchanged disbelief.
“What the ever-loving fuck,” Wad whispered.
“Hittori, you’re cute, so shut up,” Lubo said.
“Cute like a gremlin,” said Honza. “Not Gizmo,”
“You got that Stripe fu?” Lubo asked.
“Totally,” Honza grinned.
Lubo turned his attention to Max.
“I don’t know why you’re down on yourself,”
Max shrugged. “I’m not the hot guy at my school,”
“You co-ed with lesbians, or what?” Wad asked.
“I know, right?” added Honza.
“I’m being serious,” Max said.
“Stop it,” Lubo snapped. “You look like your parents are Ares and Aphrodite.”
They tempered their laughter when a few passengers began staring.

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