Returning to 4 Kings

I’ve returned to chapter work on 4 Kings, dipping my toe in the water with second draft passes on chapters 1 – 3, and wrote the first draft of chapter 9. Giving my arms a break today by listening to an audio read of Sonata 9 before its eBook release next week.

Snippet from Chapter 9 under the cut – Lubo has some thoughts about why anal isn’t that big of a deal.

The hostess cleared their plates and refilled their waters as all four returned to the buffet for some cold slices of seedless watermelon and Max’s favorite chocolate chip mint ice cream; green, not white.

“Anyone else taking it up the ass this weekend?” Lubo asked.

“Nope. I’m always top dog,” Wad said, toothpick between his lips. “Don’t mind a finger every now and then, but that’s it.”

Max remained the only virgin in the room.

“I’m not having anal until I know it’s right,”

Lubo cocked his head. “Know it’s right?”

“Anal is always right in Loob’s world,” Wad cracked.

“It needs to be with the right man,” Max said.

Lubo rolled his eyes. “That’s so heteronormative, Maxi-Pad.”

“So is calling him Maxi Pad,” Honza added.

“Oh, it’s heteronormative to want to share something that serious with the right person?” Max asked.

“You just proved my point by calling anal ‘that serious?’” Lubo shook his head. “You’re overthinking it. Like women do with their vaginas.”

Max’s eyes widened. “Wanting the right man inside of me isn’t overthinking it,”

“Oh, yes, it is,” Lubo said. “Anal is no different than taking a dick in your mouth,”

“I disagree,” Max countered.

“Says Max,” Honza teased. “Who has never taken a dick in his mouth.”

Max laughed. “Okay, you got me there.”

“Some guys ain’t up for bottoming,” Wad said, eyeing Lubomir.

“I’m up for it,” said Max. “It’s just something I want to do with the right person.”

“This right-person bullshit is such straight-brain bullshit,” Lubo said.

Wad and Honza let out a concurrent groan.

“Tell me why,” Max said.

“You’ve got this idea in your head that bottoming changes you.” Lubo crossed one of his chunky legs over the other. “You’re not less of a man after getting fucked up the ass.”

“It’s not about that for me,” Max said. “Anal is scary. It takes trust.”

“Trust-shmust,” Lubo said. “All you need is a good top. You don’t need his undying devotion and credit history.”

Max sought help from Honza and Wad.

“You know the trust I’m talking about, right?”

“As your maybe future attorney,” Wad interjected. “I plead the fifth,”

Honza laughed. “Dude, I’m not here.”

“This isn’t even about a lover being trustworthy,” Lubo continued. “This is about you thinking you’re sharing some super sacred part of yourself that needs gatekeeping for emotional reasons.”

“I’m an emotional guy,” Max said.

“You’re missing out on some great sex because you’ve bought into the bullshit that getting fucked in the ass is some physical milestone,” Lubo said, bobbing like a snake. “Straight women have been fed a steady diet of morons telling them that getting fucked changes their value, and gays like you have bought into it.”

Max kept silent, knowing Lubo wasn’t finished.

“Giving up that hole needs to be with someone special. Why? You’re not losing anything. You’ll be the same man you were on your knees sucking cock.” Lubo’s tone shifted as his lips twisted into a smile. “All anal does is change your pleasure-principal, Max. It either opens a door for more of it or closes that door if it doesn’t right.”

Thoughtful eyes regarded him. “Food for thought, I guess.”

“Like this buffet doesn’t have enough,” Wad said.

Lubo narrowed his eyes. “What camp are you in, bitch?”

“Never taken it up the ass and never will,” Wad said.

“Wad will lose his trade-in value at the tops-lot,” Honza cracked.

Wad grinned. “Like test driving a Fiat.”

Lubo didn’t join them in laughing, but he then stared at Max.

“You know what,” he said, flicking one of Max’s knuckles with his finger. “I’m an asshole. I got no business lecturing you on how you do you,”

“It’s cool,” said Max.

“No, it isn’t,” Lubo drained the last of his tea noisily through the straw. “It’s your body and your heart, Max.”

Max winked at Lubo. “What camp are you in, Hittori?”

“The any which way camp,” said Honza. “If I’m lucky enough to get some dick, I’ll take that shit anyway I can get it,”

“Versatile, turnstile, through textiles,” Lubo teased.

“Damn straight,” Honza quipped.

After the last belch, Lubo set a bottle of Unisom on the table.

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