Full Volume: My Favorite Character Gets a Side-Story!


I reviewed writer Albert and artist Yang Eun Ji‘s Full Volume ages ago on this blog and expressed my love for protagonist Dowon Sa’s brother, affectionately called “Bitch Eyes.” Well, the manwha G*ds have answered my prayers and given Dojin Sa his own side story!

Details under cut:


The current trend with having brothers both be gay isn’t so much a trope as it is an attempt at normalization. Writers today present gayness as so mundane that it runs in families and is as commonplace as heterosexuality.


It opens with Dojin as a 3 year old and OMG he’s so weird looking. I love it. He sees a boy his brothers age sitting in the stairwell and tries to talk to him–but sad boy is not very communicative.

If you don’t recognize this boy – he grows up to be Yoon Taeju – who appeared for a hot minute in Episode 26.

Taeju was the big titty judo boy that Dowon confessed his love to in high school before getting punched in the face for it.



Anyway – big bro has no idea Dojin’s been carrying a torch for Yoon and this first episode shows us that Dojin get what he wants no matter what – he’s a complete cad, and I love him for it.


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