Colder Days

My fractured muse now splinters; I’ve sketched three plots in eight days while grazing on edits for the final chapter of Sonata 9. Four Kings sits untouched; I overloaded on the chapter writing in November and pray that hasn’t killed my motivation to finish it.

Hive Social has been down for weeks, so I joined Mastodon and prefer its Twitter/Tumblr feel. The iPhone app has issues with image uploads, but a PC version of Mastodon proves it better than Hive Social in my book. Plenty of Trek fans there, but the BL landscape is dead. I will have to change that little by little.

I must make a trip to Target for more Decomposition Notebooks. The plot sketches I tapped out last week nag at my creative brain at all the wrong times. I cannot stop edits whenever a bit of dialogue or a scene for something new comes to mind—it’s better to pause my current work, jot down my latest thoughts in longhand, then get back to the current project.

I’ve decided that Four Kings will be my only novel this year as I dedicate more creative time to scripts.

‘We’re Not Brothers’ is getting the longhand notes treatment as I finish edits on Sonata 9, but my plot sketches are mighty fierce in their battle for my attention. Words and scenes crop up when I’m out and about, so I pull out ye olde notebook and write them down. People give you a second look when you’re writing while shopping, but it’s far less weird than reciting dialogue and notes into your voice recorder app in public; particularly if something erotic comes to mind.

Plot sketches I came up with last week:

  • Dark erotic short about an overworked male model hooking up with a tattoo artist, unaware that the man plans to cover his body with tattoos and keep him as a replacement for his brother.
  • Horror screenplay about a shipwrecked Viking trying to survive on a deserted island in the North Atlantic with a deadly shark stalking him; things get better when a young man appears—or so he thinks.
  • An episodic comedy about Gargareans (men subservient to the Amazons); a young male oracle in the Temple of Athena finds love with a low-level priest from the rival Temple of Poseidon.

UPDATE: Had to remove ‘Likes’ – stop spamming my posts.

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