Last Month of the Year

It’s been a productive year for me.

I retired from Warner just a hair after my initial goal age (51 is just as good as 50) and on the personal creative-front, this year had its ups and downs.

My sci-fi series Femitokon bombed (though the online bible still gets mad traffic), which tells me people loved the concept but disliked the execution. Ouch.

I cleaned up a Polish-to-English-Again translation of a novel I wrote (the rights came back to me three years ago, but I no longer had the original English manuscript thanks to a computer crash) – it’s been a fruitful trip. I’ve been posting Sonata 9 at Tapas, and the last chapters are upon us. It doesn’t lend itself smoothly to web-novel format, but aside from that, I’m beginning to feel my work is unreviewable; the completed-page reads, and return-reader statistics are healthy, but no one’s reviewing the story.

I began work on a new novel, but writing it daily for NaNoWriMo killed my motivational mojo. I intend to finish 4 Kings, but forcing myself to write a chapter a day killed my creative boner.

This year, I plot-sketched like it was 2006. I hadn’t generated stories like this in a long time, and it excited me. I finished one erotic short from the five or six ideas that bloomed rent-free in my brain. Don’t Touch Me has already made pocket change on the Kindle Unlimited front.

My former vocational life lured me back (not surprisingly, it’s only been two months), and I turned one of my plot sketches into a feature script treatment. I will write the We’re Not Brothers screenplay next year, but not sure about shopping it. There are plenty of tragic gay love stories and just as many bleak zombie horror films.

Creator Goals for 2023:

  • Leave Twitter – Relocate to Hive Social
  • Finish the Four Kings Novel (Comedy)
  • Update Blog Regularly (writing and fandom stuff)
  • Complete We’re Not Brothers screenplay (Drama/Horror)
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