Deviating from the Outline

Contrary to popular pantster belief, plotters do jump around on the flow chart when the mood strikes. We are creatives, after all, and just because we plot our novels in an organized way doesn’t mean we’re slave to the chapter-by-chapter schedule. (Though some of us are and that’s OK.)

Screenshot (3340)

The bare bones of chapters 1 – 9 are finished and today I’m jumping ahead to Chapter 13 because my headspace is all about the boys from Judah. If you recall from my previous posts, 10-13 are flashback chapters centered around the state finals; chapter 13 contains four first-person scenes from Rad, Jake, Roz, and Vik.

Screenshot (3345)
Chapter Summary

Here’s my opening line:

   Roman crusaders hunted Judah’s lions to extinction during their campaigns to liberate Byzantium from itself, so the irony our Jewish asses sitting among the Catholic and Orthodox rugby clubs isn’t lost on me.

–as you can see, Dima is more than just a cute little half-scrum.

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