November and WriMo’s

It’s been a few years but I’m back in at NaNoWriMo. Registered 4 Kings as ‘In Progress’ since I tapped out three chapters prior to November 1st. This morning I got down to business and began chapter 4 and the introduction of Max Pilarcik.

Max isn’t out to his twin brother yet–nor has he told his brother they won’t be attending the same college. His anxiety is high when they reach the excursion sign-ups – his brother Roman thinks they’re both going to Islander Resorts in Florida to get tan, drunk, and laid. Max hasn’t spoken up for himself, ever, and his mom pushes him to get on with it.

Max gets the courage to approach the Colonial Mountain Resort table after overhearing Wad tell his friends he’s gay and signing up for the gay sky weekend. While talking to Wad about snowboarding, Loob joins them, using Teddy Kaspar’s ID to sign since Loob’s team lost in the quarters rendering them ineligible for the excursion. Honza joins them as well, having known Loob since they were kids.

While all four are talking, Max’s brother appears and warns him that Colonial Mountain is having a ‘gay thing’ and Max needs to reconsider. Max outs himself to his brother and this leads to a confrontation where he tells his brother’s he’s been accepted to another college. At the end of the day, Max is going to Colonial and he’s going with four former rugby rivals.

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