Short Story Finished

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I finished the first draft of Don’t Touch Me. I aim to edit and post it here and on Pixiv at the end of November. It’s been a long time since I tapped out a short story – so I’m psyched at the accomplishment.

Today I need to work on 4 Kings, but yesterday I got a new short story idea. Twitter has been going crazy with this Bayonetta voice actor drama, so I visited my old fujo discord group, where the topic of conversation centered around the notion of CNC.

Naturally, my idiot brain thought of a story that nagged at me all day until I jotted down some notes.

Podniecaj Się! [Get Excited!]

A voice actor initiates a consensual non-consent relationship with the coworker that assaulted him, a man he’s known since childhood.


  • Artek (25 years)
  • Feliks (46 years)

The character of Feliks came to me first.

Feliks is in his mid-40s, and he’s an ADR at an anime dubbing studio. He’s also a serial rapist driven by a lack of self-esteem; he targets confident men and stalks them afterward to see how destroyed they become by the effects of his attacks. He relishes their fear and enjoys seeing them humbled.

Feliks begins working on a dubbing project with Artek, a 20-something man he’s watched grown up over the years and who considers Feliks an uncle. Artek is everything Feliks dislikes: he’s cocky and confident, and his diva-like personality alienates most people. After recording voice tracks, Feliks, unable to control himself, puts on a mask and assaults Artek in the young man’s car.

A week later, Artek arrives for some additional dubbing work. The young man is in high spirits and more confident than ever; he’s even friendlier. He asks Feliks to lunch with him at a local greasy spoon and, while there, hands him a list of things he wants done during their next ‘rape date.’ Artek pulls out a zip-lock bag containing a spent condom Feliks left behind–thus, entrapping him in a relationship.

When I tapped the idea out last night, I decided to tackle this story from Artek’s perspective and not Feliks’s. My previous story found me in the head of a man who spies on his friend having sex, so this time I want to examine a problematic relationship from the perspective of a non-assailant.

The more I imagine Artek, though, it’s clear that he’s just as much of a rapist…

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