Trigun is Trending

Love it or hate, Trigun got a reboot. I loved this series back in the day, and when I wrote and produced fanzines (2003-2006) I wrote four books in all – combining the last 2 for a single release.  I named the story FUTZ and it was drawn by ‘kheelan’ (C. Monaco). I wrote the script, lettered the pages, and did the pre-press work back when Dreamweaver Studios were printing fanzines.

I took the character of Trigun and put them in a 1930s prohibition era story. The pairings were Midvalley/Wolfwood (eventually Wolfwood/Vash) and Knives/Legato.

We sold out quickly, but the digital versions are free online (please keep in mind that our readers were mostly male fans of BL) – the women readers came when we did Knives/Legato and so I tailored that volume just for them. LOL!

Script to pages under the cut:

Futz #3 never came to fruition since we (artist and I) got published by Class Comics and then Iris Print. Larger images located on the Futz 2 page. There may be mistakes, its been over ten years.



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