Real Life Stuff

Lately, life has sapped my creativity.

I retired from a production company in August (retiring completely from that aspect of writing) after the parent corporation merged with a media conglomerate. I had a feeling (as did many other creatives I worked with at the time) that there would be drastic changes to the television aspects of the corporation, and so I got out while I could.

Lo and behold, many people I worked with were laid off last week – many let go without a severance because they maintained freelance contracts. The conglomerate even gutted the very same program that pipeline’d many of those creatives into their positions. It’s been ugly, and two writers are mad at me because they feel I bailed without warning anyone.

I had no knowledge of what would specifically happen, but I suspected a house-cleaning. Being in my 50s, I would’ve been trimmed first for sure. I took my administrative severance and left the world of writing rooms forever. I wasn’t a big deal. I was a cog in the machine for credited writers who’ll no doubt move on and get work elsewhere–but those other cogs didn’t jump ship fast enough and now they’re back at the starting line. My heart goes out to them, but I knew nothing about anyone being laid off beforehand, nor could I predict that level of house-keeping.

I planned to review comics on Thursday since Friday I’ll be out of the house – but I think I might scrap the reviews and work on the next chapter of Sonata 9. It posts on Monday and I’m not quite happy with the third-draft pass for this chapter.

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