October Things

October is the worst writing month for me every year because that’s when anime and tv have their debuts and new seasons – and the digiket platforms release new serials and titles. Then there’s Raven’s football. 0__0

I somehow finished tapping out Lubomir’s intro chapter in 4 Kings, and it was like pulling teeth creatively. The third draft pass will need an epic ton of development because the bones are too bare. Vik and Honza’s moments are clouding my creative mind, so many that I may have to start jotting them down because these two babies interfere with my ability to focus on anyone else.

I got half a day on Tuesday for creative things, so I’ll be finishing that short story of mine, Don’t Touch Me.

I must dedicate Wednesdays to comic reviews – I’ve got a HUGE backlog of consumed titles that I must share my thoughts on here at GGY 2.0.

While we’re on the subject of comics:

I got a DM about a plot sketch I posted here.

I don’t work for free, nor do I work for peanuts. I’m not in the market for an agent, or a publisher that pays on the backend. :/ I appreciate the kind words and interest, so please don’t think you’ve insulted me, and I hope my refusal doesn’t offend you.

Also – I have been contacted by artists looking for story ideas or collaborations. Here’s the thing, I don’t ‘pair up’ with comikers who’ve had pubs tell them they’ll get published if they can bring a writer on board. Nine times out of ten, these sorts of pubs dole a couple a hundred dollars, call it an advance, and then expect the artist and writer to earn royalties IF sales come in… BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, WON’T DO IT AGAIN.

That’s not to say I’ll never collaborate with an artist again.

Suppose you want to illustrate one of my stories. In that case, we can arrange something like a kill fee for you (if it doesn’t work out after the character design phase) or page rates for me (if you’re just looking for only a script writer and not a creative partner) – but keep in mind, I no longer ghost-script no matter what the pay.

I’m open to no fees collaboration if you’re my age or have been in this business before (no monies, just partners), meaning I want the creative process to be 50/50. The story must be ours, not just mine – and I will do everything I can to shop it with you when finished. I hope that makes sense.

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