Review: The Slutty Yakuza Loves Virgins


Things get scary for a Third-Year when a young Yakuza comes to settle a debt accrued by his uncle.

The book begins with the handsome Yakuza showing Third-Year the 4 million yen debt (this includes interest and other expenses like having to track him down as the man’s only living relative) that his uncle rang up (DL Site synopsis says dad, but dialogue says uncle). Our third-year feels obligated since the man raised him from a young age, but tells the Yakuza that he’s living alone in a big house that’s falling apart – he ain’t got that kind of money.


Yakuza tells him he’s got a great body, though – and our third-year is too slow on the take and wonders if they’re going take his kidneys (for the black market). Yakuza clarifies his intentions, kissing our third-year and making it clear to him that the farther he goes – the more money he can earn toward paying off his debt.


His virgin hole alone could fetch 400,000 yen. Our third-year gets into it and is shocked when his dick gets hard. Yakuza is surprised also and turned on enough to suck it.


Third-Year likes getting his dick sucked. He demands Yakuza take off his clothes, but Yakuza refuses. He wants to enjoy our Third-Year’s hard-on some more, and if he gets naked, our straight Third-Year might go soft seeing another man’s dick.


Third-Year ain’t having it; he wants Yakuza naked now – and gets a little handsy. LOL! The shirt is opened, and Yakuza warns Third Year that if he loses his erection, he will harvest his body for organs. ☝🏽 Third Year sees that nipple and loses his mind. Yakuza don’t notice immediately, but when Third Year starts sucking on his chest, he realizes he’s got a stud on his hands. He offers him a million yen for some oral, and Third Year eagerly obliges.


Lessons are needed, of course, and Yakuza offers to show Third Year how it’s done. While they’re 69ing, our Third Year realizes that Yakuza’s asshole is there (imagine that!), and it’s so lusciously pokable. The minute he dips his finger in, though, Yakuza is disappointed our Third-Year wants some ass; Yakuza thought he would fuck a virgin hole.

Yakuza tells him to put it in fast and is surprised by how badly Third Year wants to nail him. Once the fucking starts, Yakuza is sprung – the kids got natural talent and great cock. Yakuza cannot get over how hot the fucking is, and when he comes, Third Year ain’t done.


He flips Yakuza over and starts talking like he’s been topping bussy for years. He’s legit slamming dat ass, telling him how tight it is and how he knows our Yakuza’s hole is hungry for a creampie. Oh yeah, Yakuza is done!


Afterward, our Third-Year starts doing the math with 400,000 a fuck to work off the 4 million debt – but Yakuza tells him the 400k is for virgin fucks only. A used cock is 100 yen per load, so about ten times a day for ten years (LOL!) Third-Year is still in high school, so the details will need adjusting over time – and because he’s a moral man, he’ll wait until the kid is 20 before moving in with him and collecting the debt properly. Yakuza also plans to get a pearl put in Third-Year’s dick!

This is a fun romp from Pacoz (#9 in their self-published series), it’s a hit-it-and-quit-it read that amuses more than arouses, but if you’re a collector, it’s worth picking up for the character designs. The slutty Yakuza is the star of this one and I hope to see him again in other books.

The Slutty Yakuza Loves Virgins (Pacoz Comic #009)

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