4 Kings – Chapter Work.

My current project is an erotic comedy novel called 4 Kings. Here’s a master list of previous posts about the characters and plot development:

I finished Chapter Five yesterday, the chapter that finds our boys on the train to Philadelphia and its very dialogue intensive, unlike other chapters. I shared a snippet of this chapter before in this post from September 9th.

I got sidetracked while writing it a due to social media and I ended up tapping out other stories and ideas – not a cool thing to do if you ever wish to finish what you start.

October is all about 4 Kings and getting at least five chapters finished – whatever order I get them written is of no concern.

I wanted to share this scene because it made my spouse laugh, and that makes me feel accomplished.   **note: I don’t like typing bologna.**



“Shit, we’re hardly a bakery anymore,” Max added. “We make more bank from coffee and breakfast food than we ever did with cakes and donuts,”

“Your mom makes the best lattes on the fucking planet,” Lubo said.

Honza nodded. “She uses real chocolate in her hot chocolate,”

“Son,” Lubo bobbed his head. “That shit’s like diabetes in a mug,”

Wad said, “My mom gets your donuts every Saturday,”

“We have eight flavors now.” Max watched as Lubo frowned and then raised his phone, looking for a signal. “We used to have, like, twenty-something when I was a kid,”

“Boston’s are the best,” said Honza.

“Custard or cream?” Max asked.


“I don’t like the Bavarian cream we use.”

“Custard’s better,”

“It’s just vanilla pudding, dude,”

Lubo put his phone away and stared at Max.

“Don’t ruin it for him by pulling back the curtain,”

Honza dropped his head. “I’ll never enjoy another one, now,”

Max chuckled, his bright eyes fixed on the cute chub.

“The chocolate cream ones are off the hook,” Lubo said.

“I love those, bitches,” Wad agreed. “I’m a mess after eating them, though,”

“Same hat, son.” Lubo met Max’s stare. “It’s like a snowman nutted on my tits,”

Max laughed heartily, as did Honza.

“Me and Ratliff showed up to a game after chowing on a dozen,” Wad said, stretching in his seat. “We had white patches on our ass where we wiped our hands.”

“Saint Phil’s rugby kits are black, right?” asked Max.

“My coach got pissed,” Wad said. “He made us run laps.”

Honza pointed his head. “What you got in that brown bag, Loob?”

“Water, soda, and snacks,”

Max blinked. “There’s a snack car, Loob,”

Lubo’s pretty eyes hardened.

“I ain’t paying five dollars for a little bag of skittles,”

“Is that how much they cost?” Max asked, eyes wide.

“Dude,” Honza said. “They charge three bucks for bottled water,”

“Okay, youns,” Lubo leaned over and regarded each of them with a passing glance. “It’s time to pick the weirdos out of this lineup,”

Max snorted while Honza and Wad eyed one another.

“Beef boloney with some cooper-sharp,” said Lubo.

Wad nodded. “Yes,”

“Dude, I lived for that shit as a kid,” Honza added.

“We all did,” Lubo said. “We’re Polacks.”

“It has to be on white bread, though,” Maxim said.

“Of course, but,” Lubo raised a finger. “With mayo or Heinz?”

Maxim knitted his brow in disgust.

“Heinz,” Wad said, nodding.

“Only with Heinz,” Honza said.

“Ketchup?” Max scowled. “Ew,”

Lubo curled his lip. “Disgusting Orthodox bitches,”

Wad’s face crinkled. “You really put mayonnaise on boloney?”

“It tastes better with Heinz,” said Honza. “Mayonnaise is gross,”

“You shut that cock-sucking mouth, Honza,” Lubo said, making Max cackle. “Putting ketchup on a boloney and cheese sandwich,”

Wad’s head swung. “You’re legit putting oil and eggs on beef boloney?”

“Better than tomato pudding,” Max blurted.

“Thank you,” Lubo said, smiling.

Wad stared at Honza. “Roman bitches and their mayo,”

“Rozen’s had the best sandwiches,” Honza said.

“They serve those skinny all beef dogs that are off the hook,” Maxim said.

Wad dipped in agreement. “Their buns were like split at the top instead of on the side,”

“And they grill those buns,” Lubo said. “So much better than steamed,”

“I don’t know what genius came up with that,” said Wad. “But I’d like to shake his hand.”

“Or suck his dick, right Honza?” Lubo teased.

Honza gave a start. “When did I become the blowjob princess around here?”

“When we boarded this train,” Lubo spoke without hesitation. “I can’t stop thinking about you sucking a cock.”

“Thanks for that visual, Loob.” Wad brought up his hand. “Sorry, Honza, I just don’t see you that way.”

“It’s cool,” Honza said. “I appreciate that.”

Lubo recharged with his eyes on Honza. “Jizz dripping all over those thick ass glasses,”

Maxim curled up laughing while Wad curtained his amusement behind his hands.

“At least it’s not mayonnaise,” Honza cracked.

Lubo opened his mouth and let out a guffaw. “I missed you, Hittori Honza,”

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