Tim Drake Thoughts

I didn’t meet my short story goal on Monday, but I got three days until October 1 – when full-time writing begins on 4 Kings. I will update my progress throughout as I write, but most blog posts for that time will likely be comic reviews.

I recently discovered there are readers like me unhappy with the new Tim Drake. I’ve got zero issues with Tim being ‘gay’ and calling me homophobic for not liking TimBern tells me you know nothing about me at all. I’ve loved the JonJay dynamic in SoKE, but the relationship between Tim and Bernard has felt off from day one. Perhaps it’s Bernard I’m not into—what if Tim fell for a plus-size guy or any other dude that doesn’t look like a Cameron-Cream Cheese? I planned on picking up the new Robin comic today, but the art put me off, and the writing in the previews didn’t move me either. :/ Why can’t Tim go back to being Red Robin – oh shit, I sound like an entitled douche-bro.

Ah well, I said what I said.

UPDATE: Removed likes on this – some of you are spam bots.

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