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Forgive my lack of writing updates. I’ve gone three days without writing anything substantial due to face-timing with other fujoshi, finishing up some yaoi lettering projects, and catching up on some unread BL.

After my physical therapy yesterday, I accepted a short story prompt from my erotic writer’s group. The idea presented was this: Two Needs, One Man.

I cannot wait to read what the other writers come up with at our next meeting. I formulated my idea already.

Proszę, Nie Dotykaj Mnie, or Please, Don’t Touch Me, is about a clinically touch-averse man named Tobiasz (Tobi) who catches his best friend, Krzysztof (Krzysiek), bottoming for Marek (Marko), a guy from their college. Tobi’s always carried a torch for Krzysiek and fantasized about him often, yet the idea of touching him or being touched by him turns Tobi’s stomach.

After a heartfelt confrontation with Krzysiek that puts both their feelings out there, Tobi does the unthinkable: he plants a spy cam in Krzysiek’s bedroom that sends a live feed to his apartment. He watches Marko and Krzysiek have sex, imagining himself as Marko while masturbating with an anal fleshlight. It’s easy since Marko is a quiet lover, but Krzysiek isn’t and this heightens the pleasure for Tobi, who masturbates with headphones so he can hear Krzysiek ‘talk to him’ as he talks dirty to Krzysiek.

A couple of weeks later, when the camera signal fails, Tobi rushes over to Krzysiek’s flat under the guise of a gaming hang-out session. He and Krzysiek play X-Box all day until Marko arrives. Finally, alone in the room, Tobi goes to retrieve his spy cam but finds it missing. Marko approaches as Tobi departs, and discreetly hands him the defective camera. He quietly suggests another model with longer battery life. Marko clams up when Krzysiek joins them; Tobi’s secret is safe.

Tobi feels unsure about Marko until the man visits his computer lab and tells him that Krzysiek plans on moving in with him; he gives Tobi the key to his house so that he can set up whatever camera’s he wants in their bedroom. Tobi asks why Marko would aid him in his perversity. The man reveals that he likes being watched as much as Tobi hates being touched; he suggested inviting Tobi over to watch them, but Krzysiek called him a perv, so he dropped it and dismissed it as a joke. Marko thinks if they both love Krzysiek, why not aid each other in that love.

If this were a novel, I would explore something like Krzysiek finding out and then dealing with it – but it’s a short erotic story focusing on the sex, and the sex-talk while masturbating. I hope I finish it before Friday.

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