Twitter-Fic: Poor Toulouse


Poor Toulouse begins with a mute young man, Toulouse, sitting at the breakfast table with his father. Father abuses him physically and emotionally since his mother’s death.

They are a family of morticians; Toulouse situates the bones of the poor in the catacombs, arranges merchant corpses into their coffins for viewing, and delivers the deceased wealthy to their crypts.
Toulouse hides a lust for the dead; he likes strong and handsome corpses best because they don’t sting him with words or beat him with a crop. The dead never turn away from his kisses or reward his touch with disdain.
One afternoon, a Knight of the Crusade arrives for preparation. Father finishes preparing the Knight’s body, and Toulouse makes him presentable, so the man’s family can say their goodbyes.
Toulouse delivers him to a private tomb on castle property. Left alone with the attractive Knight, he kisses him passionately, strips naked, and grinds against the dead Knight until he’s sated.
Afterward, he falls asleep in the Knight’s arms.
Toulouse wakes as the sun sets, and when the Knight sits up with his eyes open, Toulouse is too terrified to run. The handsome Knight is a vampire hungry for blood. He climbs out of his stone tomb and finds ejaculate on his burial vestments.
A cruel gleam in his eye, he rapes Toulouse, who is so overcome with desire for the Knight that their coupling turns passionate.
Toulouse wakes alone the next day and finds the Knight back in his tomb. There is fresh blood on the man’s mouth, but Toulouse has no injuries.
At the mortuary, Toulouse avoids his father’s ire by performing his duties on a woman and her stillborn infant. He cries for her and ensures she looks beautiful, buried in her wedding dress.
The Vampire visits his room that night, but unlike the savage creature Toulouse first encountered, the man is regal and well-spoken. He turns cruel, however, when Toulouse remains mute.
Frustrated by the young man’s inability to verbally communicate, the Vampire orally rapes him and causes him to choke.
Toulouse is too in love to protest or show his pain.
The next day, still tired from the night’s lovemaking, Toulouse drops an instrument on the floor during a corpse preparation. Father strikes him with a belt and accuses him of being a sodomite, having heard him entertaining a man in his room.
Father beats Toulouse so severely that he’s rendered unconscious.
At sunset, the Vampire does not find Toulouse in his room; he goes to the cellar mortuary and finds the young man bruised and beaten.
Enraged, the Vampire tears the mortician apart.
The following day, villagers find a beaten and ‘violated’ Toulouse unconscious and his father’s body ripped to shreds.
The King’s magistrate believes thieves ransacked the mortuary and home. They seek a grossly deviant gang with vicious dogs.
Toulouse is given to the church, where he recovers under the watchful eye of a Priest freshly returned from the Crusades. The holy man carries an unhealthy fixation on the sexual nature of Toulouse’s injuries. This is where Toulouse’s nightmare really begins.
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