Plot Sketches

I’m one of those writers that taps out a detailed plot outline like an artist bangs out an illustration.

When an artist sits down and sketches an idea in their head, they often leave the pencil/ink stage. Not every ‘imagine’ needs a story attached. They post it, and everyone loves it, AND no one asks if they’re going to build a comic scene around it, or develop it further. Writers, OTOH, jot down plot bunnies (or imagines), and if they’re detailed like mine are, they often get asked if these outlines will develop into something long-form.

I can tell you that many of my ‘plot sketches’ never make it to the long-form stage. I worked with a Japanese publisher for a time and learned to hone my plot sketches under their editorial model. Getting the details out while fresh in my head is an exorcism; once those details get typed down, I can focus on my current project and stop thinking about this ‘new thing’ in my brain.


For example, I tapped out a fantastic idea on Sunday before signing off due to brain drain. I saw a sexy and violent dystopian world featuring a slutty man and a badass fat lady slicing and dicing their way to off-world citizenship Since I’m developing two m/m serials simultaneously, I tapped this new plot sketch out in all its BASIC glory just to get it out of my head.

Screenshot (3026)Screenshot (3027)Screenshot (3028)Screenshot (3029)Screenshot (3030)Screenshot (3031)Screenshot (3032)

That’s it. Plot sketch completed.

I have many plot sketches for scripts, novels, and comics floating around on my hard drive. I can post them here if anyone is interested. Plotting like this is an essential part of my creative process. Some plots get completed based on my mood, or if someone makes me an offer to finish one; by the way, I no longer ghost-plot for cash—the financial payoff got small, and the damage to my writers-ego, BIG. I’ve sold about three plot sketches that went on to bring the purchasing comic creators validation and/or financial success; yes, I got paid, but my creative self-worth tanked, and so I stopped doing it.

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