Review: Son of Kal-El #15: Finale


The finale to Seige of Gammora ends on a rather romantic note. The action is tied up a little too neatly–but there’s a promise of Lex Luthor as Jon Kent’s future foe, which makes it all the more delicious. Unlike the hotheaded Bendix, old Lex is more even-keel these days, making him deadlier.


I went for the David Talaski cover, and though it reeks of farmboy Jon Kent design I dislike, I bought it for the clear message it sends: Love will always win out over Hate(rs). Thank the stars, Cian Tormey is back in pencils (and inks).

Jay faces a monstrous version of his mother in this one, and though Jon desperately wants to take her out for him–Jay tells him to stand down.


…as usual, side-piece Jay is the smartest man in the room.

Bendix has a stroke genius here – he tells Jay that if he fades his physical form, his mother will lose her head. Jay thus gets his ass beat by a drooling version of his mother. Jon stays on task, freeing the personnel assigned to the fortress and then using Wink to phase down to the bunkers encasing those controlling the attackers.


Jon keeps his cool upon arrival and reasons with the guards; he frees the enslaved controllers. The experimental fighters lose their will to attack without the controllers, freeing them from their nightmare. Meanwhile, Lex calls Bendix to let him know their relationship is over.


Ah, Lex -always hitting it and quitting it.

Jay is as sassy as ever when Bendix threatens his life (I love how Tormey draws him!).


Suddenly, Bendix loses control of Jay’s mom, reuniting mother and son. (awwww!) How did Bendix lose control? Damian Wayne cut the puppeteer’s strings.


The Damian Wayve Bitchslap is so satisfying…

Bendix transports to an orbital station and, in true DC fashion, fires a giant ass laser cannon at Gammora (Tom Taylor takes the piss in this one, it’s pretty funny).


This is a beautiful panel BTW ☝️


The last page is so satisfying, and while the text sentiment is sweet, the sexy body language makes the page (thank you, Tormey).


The finale wasn’t some spectacular grand opus that superhero comic fans enjoy most– it’s an emotionally satisfying end for the lit-reading gays and the fujos & fudans. Tom Taylor likes us, he really likes us.

On that note, this entire series is a big FU to the established manosphere; they’re not the only ones reading superhero comics anymore. Lucky for them, DC offers multiple lines of Superman; in other words, just let us have Jon Kent, ‘mkay?


This panel got me tripping. I cannot wait to see where this goes…

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