Review: Brother in Law Assault


Today I’m reviewing the Translators Unite (Tensei Works) release of Brother-in-Law Assault by Akino Mori (circle: Spitting Pietà). I’m a fan of Akino-san’s work because she’s a big believer in twisted and destructive sex stories, and this one is no exception.


The plot centers around a 28-year-old NEET (not in education, employment, or training) named Yuuma, who lives off his sister, Miyuki.


That’s her in the wedding pic above, and no, that’s not champagne spray. Ryou is the groom in this pic, and judging by the cross hanging behind them, he’s a Christian – which makes what happens to him all the more bananas-awesome to a Jewish fujo with a taste for the twisted.

Ryou-san is at his wit’s end; he knew Miyuki’s brother was a NEET and told her it would be OK to move him in with them since she practically raised him (red flag there, but Ryou isn’t all the smart, is he?) All Yuuma does is sit in his room and game all day, including cussing up a storm at his opponents.

IMHO, Ryou is an enabler–if someone is living in my house and ain’t go no job, he ain’t got no butler either—why are you bringing this boy food??!


Ryou loses his temper one day and starts bitching Yuuma out for his lazy bullshit. His tirade earns him a right smack upside the head with a tea kettle, and when Ryou wakes up, he finds Yuuma with his dick out.

I nearly stopped reading here because smegma (or even the implication thereof) is a deal breaker for me. Ryou is drugged, and Yuuma hasn’t washed his dick in days – you feel me?


After a nauseating deep-throat blow job, the scene transitions to Yuuma taking out his rape-BL game AROUSAL! Office Worker Assault: Unlimited Pleasure Edition. If one ever wonders what effect BL has on actual guys, here’s Yuuma! His sister married a salary man, and thus, Christmas came early for Yuuma-kun.


The victim in the game is Naruse, and Yuuma bought himself a fuckable sex sleeve meant to resemble Naruse’s asshole. (Or I should say, his sister bought it since she’s funding his stay-at-home lifestyle.) The sexual bullying is hot, with Yuuma shaming him for getting hard even though he’s a married man. Ryou is in a forced-love situation because once Yuuma goes balls-deep, Ryou begins liking it.

The distinction between ‘rape doujin’ and ‘forced love’ is how the victim reacts once there’s a cock up his ass. Victims never come to enjoy it mentally in rape stories; their bodies respond, but their minds remain unwilling. Forced love is when an unwilling victim’s mind begins liking it along with his body.

After having the best orgasm of his life, Yuuma changes. When big sister comes home from her business trip, he’s out of his room, and the house is clean. He brings her some tea–it’s like he’s a functioning adult; it’s so scary.


Yuuma cheerily tells Miyuki that he and Ryou connected while she was gone. He then offers to wake up Ryou-san–who is bound and gagged on Yuuma’s bed. Yuuma spent days fucking him and keeping him drugged; he’s still got some fight in him, though, and Yuuma likes that shit. He really likes that shit.

If you’re into twisted seme’s and rapey scenarios, Brother in Law Assault is definitely a good time.

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