Review: Firefly Enlightenment Night


Press photographer Yodono-san is assigned to take photos for a story on Kamikaze pilots. Most of the corps is 20 years old, and Yodono is well aware he’s not there to show the serious aspects – he’s there to snap propaganda photos.


Yodono took the job because he wanted to take pictures of hot young guys. 🙂


One of the pilots, Shizuma Tanaka, responds well when he sees a camera, and Yodono points out that he’s still wearing a dark scarf (white scarves are for kamikaze pilots about to embark on a mission) (??) Yodono develops a crush on the boy when he strikes a pose and transforms into this relaxed and sophisticated man.


Yodono-san finds the idea of young men training for suicide missions rather tragic. It depresses the shit of Yodono, knowing a handsome man like Tanaka is training hard just to die.


One day, while watching the pilots bathe, Shizuma spots Yodono and sees the melancholy in the older man’s eyes. He asks what’s wrong, and Yodono plays it off by snapping some photos and joking that he cannot use them since the pilots are half naked.


Later that night, Shizuma approaches Yodono alone. He sits beside the older man and asks for a drag of his cigarette. Shizuma has made peace with his decision to end his life, and he imagines how hard it must be for those left behind. Wearing his black collar, Shizuma hints before making it clear that he’s interested in Yodono-san.

If my Japanese was better, I could explain the nuance of their conversation more; I’m sorry, I can’t. Shizuma confesses his attraction to other men. Men like them have a particular smell. (?)

When he boldly straddles Yodono’s lap, the older man is a deer caught in the headlights. This young man wants to connect with him physically; he could die tomorrow – and overcome by the invite, Yodono obliges him. Both men scare each other for a moment once their passions hatch out. As with all BL/yaoi, that initial premature ejaculation is never enough, LOL! Shizuka wants Yodono to fuck him – ‘he needs to feel it’; aka that dick inside his ass,. He also wants to feel teeth on his neck. 🤍


If that boy wants to be bitten, you better bite him Yodono!

A month passes with Yodono struggling to take any more pictures of Tanaka. Tanaka leaves for a mission – and being a kamikaze, he doesn’t return. Yodono hands over his photos to the editor but withholds all the pictures of Tanaka smiling; he gives those photos to Tanaka’s family.

Yodono’s night with Tanaka haunts him ten years afterward, even as he screws other guys and embarks on new photo assignments that make him famous. He chases after elusive pictures of Tanaka that someone else might’ve taken; it’s rather sad.


Shiori Amaze goes all out in this one (sorry for the pun!) and gives us a few pages of passionate sex. It’s beautiful, and I hope she draws more. Nothing perverted or kinky about young Tanaka and older Yodono coming together; they’re just two gays finding each other in the shittiest of circumstances.

If you want some facts behind the boys that flew these missions, check out this page on Kamizaki Pilots.

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