Characters: 4 Kings

While developing back stories for the villains in Majstrov, I realized that I never posted the details of my main characters in 4 Kings.

I had planned on writing new dialogue today, but I couldn’t get my head into any scenes enough to get it done. That being said, I dedicated this morning to development on 4 Kings, and so this blog post-primer will suffice.


  • Name:                     Maxim Pilarcik (Maxi-Pad)
  • Date of Birth:           March 14, 1989
  • Height/Weight:       (5’11”)/(183 lbs.)
  • School:                    Bishop Casimir Academy – 2007 Graduate
  • Affiliation(s):            Former Co-Captain of the ‘Bishop’ team
  • Position:                  Openside Flanker
  • Jersey Number        7
  • College/Career:       West Chester University


  • Name:                      Lubomir Gubenko (Loob)
  • Date of Birth:            May 5, 1989
  • Height/Weight:        (5’10”)/(197 lbs.)
  • School:                     Our Lady of Victory Academy – 2007 Graduate
  • Affiliation(s):             Former Captain of the ‘Victory’ team
  • Position:                   Hooker
  • Jersey Number         2
  • College/Career:        Penn State University/Penn State Medical School


  • Name:                     Tolek Zawadzki (Wad)
  • Date of Birth:           October 27, 1989
  • Height/Weight:        (5’11”) (201 lbs.)
  • School:                     St. Phillip of Agira High School – 2007 Graduate
  • Affiliation(s):             Former Captain of the ‘Saint Phillip’ team
  • Position:                   Number Eight – Eighth-Man
  • Jersey Number         8
  • College/Career:        Duquesne University/Duquesne School of Law


  • Name:                     Honza Poliak (Hittori Honza)
  • Date of Birth:           November 12, 1989
  • Height/Weight:       (5’9”) (163 lbs.)
  • School:                    All Saints HS – 2007 Graduate
  • Affiliation(s):            Former Captain of the ‘All Saints’ team
  • Position:                  Full Back
  • Jersey Number        15
  • College/Career:       Novell CADD (Computer Aided Drafting firm)

Since this is a menslove novel aimed at readers of BL and gay comics, character design and art scheme are vital to presenting the series. The young men above are represented like the kings of a card deck:

  • Maxim Pilarcik is the King of Hearts
  • Lubomir Gubenko is the King of Diamonds
  • Tolek ‘Wad’ Zawadzki is the King of Clubs
  • Honza Poliak is the King of Spades

Personalities are revealed in the first four chapters – each King getting his own chapter. The first is Lubomir, the second is Honza, and the third is Wad. The fourth chapter is from Max’s perspective and brings the four together for the first time at the event sign-ups. Chapter Five finds them on a train talking about themselves and their lives a bit before overnighting in Philadelphia.

I haven’t decided on whose head this chapter will be told from but I did finish the dialogue for it. Dialogue sheets don’t have fleshed out locales or detailed actions – just conversation only.

UPDATED – Dialogue edited and placed into chapter – posted sample here.

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