Character Development: Majstrov

The Masters (Majstrov) – so here are my bad guys, the men our angel-afflicted must contend with after being discovered in the cave. There’s an instant connection to the Vasya, Pavel, Goran, and Wisha, since they speak the same language (Slovak).

  • Matej [25] – the defiler
  • Radovan [25] – the thinker
  • Dalibor & Pivo [25] – the giants
  • Ivan – [25] the cutter

Matej first exhibited symptoms at age 12 after an abnormal growth spurt prompted an investigation into his home life. Officials found his caregiver slaughtered in the bathroom and another malnourished man tied in the bedroom where he’d been tied up and repeatedly raped.

Radovan caught the attention of officials for his sudden physical growth at age 13. While in a testing center, he lost his temper with a nurse and broke the man’s neck. After arriving at the detention center, he convinced a counselor to let him call his caregiver, yet once alone in the communications room, he called the nurse’s spouse and told him how the man shit himself when dying.

Officials apprehended Dalibor and his best friend Pivo after schoolmates witnessed the brawny 14-year-olds beating an older man to death in the scrap yard. An investigation of the yard revealed the bodies of over thirty missing men, all brutally beaten and some of them raped.

Due to his nonthreatening physicality, Ivan went unnoticed until age 15. When a boy from his class went missing, officials investigated the grounds and found the boy’s genitals in the school cafeteria kitchens. A detective questioning students failed to call in at the end of the shift; search crews followed his severed remains to the roof, where they found Ivan cutting him to pieces with knives from the kitchens.

All five men hail from the Poloniny Sector of OS (Orbital Station) Venušina–the same colonial satellite that housed our angel-afflicted.

In their teens, they met and resided in the National Genetic Organization incarceration program as carriers of HmVo2. Shortly after their 17th birthdays, officials herded them aboard a drop ship with thousands of other afflicted boys and sent the vessel on a crash course bound for the Western Carpathians.

All five survived the landing, and set about defending themselves or attacking other boys. Due to sharing a cell while incarcerated, the five allied and waged war against other groups they deemed a threat. Migrating to the Slovakian Paradise mountains, they came across crashed pods and other gangs; they raided and murdered other demon-afflicted, maiming some to use as slaves.

After sailing the Palcmanská Maša on wooden rafts, the five and their captive tribe passed through its crumbled dam to settle on a large island that was once a mountaintop. Each chose territory away from one another (except Dalibor & Pivo), as their afflicted temperaments often led to violent encounters.

Co-existence took time, and after ten years, the five learned to channel their violence toward new arrivals and factions foolish enough to pass the damn and enter their territory.

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