Review: Satomi-kun’s Anal F*ck History…

In honor of Kill Time Communication’s Black Cherry label releasing a collected print edition of Ayano Mitsuka’s ‘The Divorced Father Uses His Body to Protect His Daughter From Sex’, I wanted to review the digital comics 1 through 4. They’re a brilliant slice of unadulterated pornography, and I’m a better fujo for having read them.


Here is my original review at DL Site when the first story came out as a doujinshi from the mangaka’s circle, Heavy Syrup:

I never knew I needed ‘dads standing in for their daughters and getting fucked’ as a kink until now. My first read of this mangaka was the brilliant 32 Year Old Father Becomes Collateral for His Wife’s Debt. It was my kind of insane, and when I found she’d made a series of ‘dad gets fucked’ style comics, I bought me some points and opened some wine.

This one features another dad with big titties – my weakness, ofc. The student is here to ‘tutor’ our dad’s daughter- luckily, dad steps in and offers up his own body to this guy, and wow, it’s fucktackular.

No gang needed here, this guy is a fuck machine.

The ‘this guy’ in question is high-schooler Satomi, and the series’ unofficial name is ‘Satomi-kun’s anal fuck history.’ Our well-endowed schoolboy is always on the path to hooking up with a hot girl, only to find his booty calls interrupted by DILFs willing to fuck this kid to protect their daughters from his big dick.


Book 1 is where Satomi loses his virginity, and the daddy in question is Kissa-chan’s ☝️

The mangaka comically puts the girls on the first page in chibi form; none of them has any idea what occurs with their dads and Satomi, which makes it more hilarious.👇


Kissa’chan’s dad got a body like a brickhouse–he’s got great tits (his daughter’s tits are monsters), and he tells Satomi that Kissa likely gets her shapely figure from him since her mother was a stick.


Satomi-kun gets so turned on by this dad during their man-to-man talk that he pops a boner, and the size of it sends Kissa’s dad into a panic. Satomi-kun gets to fuck some tits, but they’re not Kissa’s, and that’s fine by him.


Book 2 finds Satomi-kun in the hands of a complete DILF whore.☝️

Shizuka-chan is drop-dead gorgeous, and when she invites Satomi to her house while her dad is away on business, he’s sure he’s getting laid this time. Lo and behold, dad is home, and though he claims he will protect his daughter from lecherous boys like Satomi, it’s clear he wants some giant schoolboy cock.


There’s a blowjob during a tutorial and a lotion-induced handjob. Still, the best tryst is a hilarious anal fuck while Shizuka is watching television just three feet away from them.☝️

Book 3 features my favorite DILF in the series, Natsumi-chans dad. 👇


More manly and rugged than the others, he’s perfect, and his inverted nipples just add to his allure. Satomi-kun has, by now, become a complete perv for divorced dads. When a typhoon strands him at Natsumi’s house, her longshore fisherman dad is there, setting off Satomi-kun’s boner spirits. Natsumi-chans dad sees the high schooler’s hard-on and, suddenly nervous for his daughter, jokingly says, let me take of it for you.


Unaware of Satomi-kun’s history, the dad opens pandora’s box and gets fucked hard for his trouble. The best part was seeing him return for more of Satomi’s dick that night while his daughter slept on a futon beside them.


In Book 4, Satomi is now a divorced dad and his plump white-collar belly adds to his hotness.☝️

Unfortunately, his daughter, Haruka, is desperate to get laid, and she has a taste for bad boys. Haunted by the ghosts of all those divorced dads he banged over the years; their concerns compel him to get between Haruka and all the horny guys she likes. 👇


The sex is off the hook in this one, with Satomi getting his ass reamed by all sorts of thuggish dudes, culminating in a gang-bang that’s so lewd that it nearly got me off just reading it.

Saitomi-kun, you thirsty slut.

I recommend reading all these if you can and pray it gets an English translation at DL Site. I plan on purchasing the print edition when it hits Amazon at the end of September and I’m delighted I can add this classic series to my print collection.

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