Creative Chaos

I earmarked this day for final edits to the latest chapter of Sonata 9 posting on Monday (Sunday night, technically). After lunch, though, I sat down and typed out a new story idea that came to me last night while sleeping. I was able to record most of my thoughts before dozing off–but that’s no excuse for killing a whole day set aside for editing an ongoing serial.


Future Earth: Humans left the planet thousands of years ago – some years before the story’s start, a biogenetic virus compromises a single-gender orbital colony. It manifests itself in two ways:

  1. Demon-plagued: sizable genital growth and aggressive, violent tendencies.
  2. Angel-plagued: testicular atrophy/scrotum loss and abnormal empathic ability.

Unable to control ‘demon-plagued’ boys, colonists jettison them in groups aged twelve to thirteen—stranding their pods on Earth. Most survive ‘the fall’ and set upon one another for control of their surroundings. No cure in sight, colonial scientists start euthanizing future carriers.

Years later, colonists discard thousands of ‘angel-plagued’ young men from the station after they exhibit later-stage intersex development and lose their ability to sense ‘demon-plagued’ boys before their symptoms show. These young men go from a clinical and protected environment to the wilds of an untamed planet and find themselves at the brutal mercies of their ‘demon-plagued’ brothers. 

Our story begins with five men in their early 20s; they’ve spent their teens as test subjects, their conditioned studied, and their empathic abilities used to root out the ‘demon plagued’ before their symptoms appear. The narrative unfolds from the perspective of Vasily, whose barracks group consists of five:

  • Zawisza ‘Wisha’ has wide hips and a soft yet masculine chest; he’s not developed a vulva or vaginal canal, but he owns one ovary and a penis.
  • Goran & Fero are twins; they have no vulva or vaginal canal, but each has ovarian tissue that produces estrogen; their penises are small, and their voices are youthful. 
  • Pavel and ‘Vasya’ are the most intelligent. Each has a vulva and vaginal canal under their penis; they also have wide hips and soft pectorals due to having one ovary. Vasya, however, has developed uterine tissue, and this causes him to bleed for a day every six months.

After the young men have sex (either with other ‘angel-plagued’ or with clinical staff), they lose the ability to sense ‘demon-plagued’ boys at puberty. Pavel and Vasya grow suspicious when moved to another science barracks. They put aside their rivalry upon sensing that they’ve outlived their usefulness. Later, while devising a plan to escape, their room is flooded with gas.

The pair awaken on a downed shuttle-pod with twelve other ‘angels’ (including their bunkmates), and after popping the hatch, they find themselves on a snowy mountain. Not dressed for the cold, they must remain inside until hunger forces some of them out.  Wolves attack them, killing a few men as Wisha, Goran, Fero, Pavel, and Vasya break off and flee the scene. Off the mountain, they find a forest of berries and fruit. Along a lake, the five board a boat tied there, but Pavel cuts its rope when a bear appears; the river carries them for hours, and they drift through a massive dam long collapsed and taken back by nature. Signs of violence riddle the nearby shoreline; impaled men, burning cabins, and floating entrails in the water.

The new arrivals learn quickly that life on Earth is a living hell; dubbed ‘angel cake,’ the lucky ones get murdered outright, hunted for sport, or cannibalized. The unfortunate ones get trafficked between gang-like factions where rape is daily, and mutilation is inevitable for those that misbehave or run away.  

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