WIP: Four Kings

The idea for an AO!! fanfic began forming in June that featured four captains from rival teams hooking up with four players from Jinko. My spouse read the dialogue I wrote, along with the arc outline and suggested I make this an original work.

I can’t argue with my spouse, so that’s I’ve been doing with my free writing time.

Screenshot (2929)

I started with character sheets. This will be an illustrated novel, so I kept that in mind when harvesting references and describing the characters. I then developed a chapter outline based on the dialogue scenes I’ve written –

Screenshot (2928)

Here is the basic bones:

Don’t know when I’ll be finished, though I did manage to hammer out a chapter last week (chapter 2) because that one was freshest in my creative mind. I think it’s going to be a great story, and I’m definitely going the sex-comedy route on this one. Wish me luck.

Four Kings (erotic/LGBTQ/comedy)

Four former rugby captains on the cusp of adulthood in 2007 plan the ultimate snowboarding gaycation in Vermont.

Chapters 1 – 9 introduce our four protagonists, Orthodox and Roman Catholic HS graduates bound for college and the workforce: Lubomir “Loob” Gubenko, Honza “Hittori Honza” Poliak, Tolek ‘the Wad” Zawadzki, and Maxim “Maxi-Pad” Pilarcik. The four enjoy a drunken overnight stay in Philadelphia before riding a train to Vermont, where forbidden fruit comes in the form of four Jewish players from a rival rugby team.

Chapters 10-13 take us back to the Western Pennsylvania High School Rugby Tournament of 2006. [10] Lubomir’s break-up with Gordy Paraskevich fractures the team on the field and off. [11] Honza sees his coach for the man he is before ending his cold and mechanical relationship with vice-captain Arkady Sharp. [12] The truth about what happened the night before the final between Saint Phillip’s and Bishop’s is told from Tolek’s perspective. [13] Vignettes of Judah players Adam Rozen, Jake Sorkin, Radim Balog, and Vik Fenarski that final rugby season.

Chapter 14 returns us to present-day Colonial Mountain. Adam Rozen, Jake Sorkin, Radim Balog, and Vik Fenarski listen to a recording of the Four Kings discussing sex with the ‘Kosher Hotties.’ Roz and Jake are ready, able, and willing, but Rad remains conflicted while Vik simmers in silence.

Chapter 15-18 (Highly sexual chapters) finds Roz and Jake putting their plans into effect, scoring Lubo and Wad, respectively. Radical runs into Max at a party and goes with the flow when the muscular man asks the unexpected. Meanwhile, Vik finds a kinky soulmate in Honza.

Chapters 19 and 20 find everyone waking in the morning and no one talking about their perspective nights. Loob, Wad, Honza, and Max sit with the Kosher Hotties on the train ride back to Pittsburgh, where they have breakfast at a local diner. Before parting, some numbers are exchanged, and plans are made—mainly that the eight will reunite at the restaurant in five years.

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