Welcome to GGY 2.0

Once upon a time I kept a blog called Guns, Guys, and Yaoi.

658535336866201600_0This is what I look like now.

I was a doujinshi writer with a lust for erotic comics; I loved writing about gay gangsters and that’s how the blog got its name. Oddly enough, I cannot stand the Finder series, go figure. Once my erotic scripts got published, the site became more of a genre showcase to promote my work in English language BL, and the micro-genre’s publishers.

I also used this blog like a mallet and slaughtered anyone that dared disagree with me. I became a raging asshole and recognizing my toxicity, took a vacation from the genre and the internet – closing this blog down CIRCA 2010.

Around 2018, I began blogging again – but I kept it locked up because Tumblr was my main fandom joint. I was writing a w/w scifi series and still working for Warner Brothers at the time, so my comics reading fizzled dramatically. After retiring in August (yep, I’m OLD), I started reading more BL and writing about it. The digital age ushered in so many subscription and cheap reading options – it’s a buffet of wonders.

BTW – my scifi series is on hiatus because no one was reading it. Oddly enough, the BL series I started posting is doing pretty good. 0_0

Tumblr brought the NO FUN ALLOWED hammer down on me after I posted a review for a yaoi doujinshi from Japan with pictures. After that, I RE-opened this blog, GGY 2.0, as a place to post my thoughts – some detailed, most random. Now that I’m away from Tumblr permanently, this blog will be updated WAY TOO MUCH and in spurts.


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