Son of Kal-El #14: Siege of Gamorra


Firstly – thank the comics gods that Cian Tormey is back on penciling duties. Cian’s rendition of Jay Nakamura and Jon Kent are my faves. Also, the story feels like Son of Kal El again. I opted for the Sarmento cover because of the cat, the cabin, and baby Jon getting his own kite out of the tree.


Seige of Gamorra begins with Lois Lane’s debut broadcast with The Truth. If you recall, Episode 13 found Jay’s identity compromised (I’d like to forget that episode 14 happened). Now Jon and Jay are ready to take on Gamorra with the help of The Revolutionaries.


Naturally, Jon and Osita clash over ideologies – Jon wants no one killed, but war doesn’t work that way.

Perv moment – I want Osita and Zebraman to take me into a room and do things to me. Sexy things.


Did you really think Damien Wayne was going to sit this ouT?


Jon takes Jay back north for a ‘super suit’ to wit Jay asks, WHY? Good question. I will admit that the colorist used their brain on this one and gave it an arctic blue sheen – but I still hate it. Jay Nakamura doesn’t need pastels, whites, or spandex. He’s a shadow that’s also the light – put that boy back in black and let him be sexy.


After some epic fights, the final two pages were rough – I won’t spoil the plot, but Jay’s indeed compromised, and I can’t wait to see how he recovers, even with Jon at his side.

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