Dragonball Super: Hero

My thoughts on Dragon Ball Super: Hero.

I dislike CG animation, but this movie rocked because of the story and how well it was animated. It contained the comedic elements and timing that made the first Dragonball series so endearing (the one with kid Goku). Piccolo and Gohan are the heroes here.


No matter how much the new Dragonball Super series displays Goku as a ‘father’ to Goten, he was not that for Gohan. When Videl needs a sitter for Pan because she has a martial arts class to teach, she doesn’t call Chi-Chi or Goku. She calls Piccolo. Grandpa Piccolo. The man has mellowed substantially since joining with Kami, a fusion made tolerable by his pre-established joining with Nail.


This movie also does Gohan justice after his character in the Super series (and in DBZ’s Saiyaman and Boo Saga) got butchered by serial editors catering to the Goku and Vegeta fanatics. His depiction in the Super series Goku Black saga had us all looking like Future Trunks wondering WTF happened to Gohan.


Non-Spoiler Highlights:

  • Piccolo returning to his King Piccolo roots
  • Piccolo being a doting granddad
  • Brilliant comedy script
  • Androids Gamma 1 & 2
  • Doctor Hedo (OMG, I love this little shit)
  • a Godzilla-style Cell Max as the final boss
  • the absence of Goku and Vegeta
  • The return of power-prodigy Gohan, whose last move in defeating Cell Max is a fucktacular nod to his and Piccolo’s father/son dynamic.

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