Bye Tumblr…

Are you there G*d, it’s me Tina…

For a long time I kept a fandom blog at tumblr. I renamed it Fujoshi Obscura in July due to TERFs co-opting the name Gynocrat (a name I’ve used in fandom since 2004). One day I decided to post a doujinshi review that featured censored pages, but one of the pages wasn’t censored and thus, the post got hidden.

I appealed, tumblr said no – all was fine, or so I thought.

Someone on staff decided to label my entire blog ‘adult’ and removed my banner, icon, and stripped my paid-for theme. I couldn’t get into my account to make any changes or fix anything because Tumblr barred me from adding images or even editing posts.

The moment this happened, I contacted support and that’s when the BITCH-CLOCK starting ticking. We all got that clock, how high you set the ringer volume depends on your personality.

After a few hours, I contacted Tumblr support at twitter. Crickets. The clock continued ticking for over 24 hours and at that point I said – HELL NO.

I’m an adult. It’s one thing to censor something that breaks community guidelines, its quite another to completely lock down my entire account, bar me access, and then not respond when I inquire as to why. I deleted both my author and my fandom accounts because as a writer, I don’t exist on eggshells.

Don’t worry – my most popular posts (that Tumblr happily shoves ads around) will remain with a deactived-ID-INSERTNAME; apparently, the popular stuff that creates ad revenue remains without a warning – imagine that, kids.

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