Son of Kal El #12: Insiders


This issue begins with Jon taking Laughlan back to his mommy (sorry, Jon/Laughlan stans, you’re going to have to write that ship yourselves – thoughts and prayers).

Someone entered the grounds at the JL hideout house and activated Batman’s guard-bots. Alas, it’s just Krypto tearing up all those expensive Wayne tech bots.

687075176827043840_1Who’s a Good Boy!

Jon tells Bats about Lex Luthor’s connection to Bendix, but they need proof, or Bats won’t act (apparently, Bruce only acts impulsively when it’s his rogue’s gallery?) Jon has an idea – let’s send Grayson!

If you haven’t kept up with Nightwing, he’s inherited Alfred Pennyworth’s billions (yes, Alfred was a billionaire but didn’t live that life, go figure.) Lex is still humping his leg for a meeting, but Dick doesn’t have time for that, so he’s been ignoring him. Fortunately, he cannot say no to Jon & Jay; they send him into Lexcorp with one of Jay’s degrading bugs.


They listen in on a call between Luthor and Bendix that implicates a senator, the same dickhead from issue #6 that stole Faultline from Starr Labs. It’s okay if you don’t remember because that issue featured Jay in his black-disguise—which was the sexiest shit ever, so distractions are understandable.


That issue also had Damien and a host of other hotties, so you might want to revisit it to READ THE STORY.



Jon and Jay go to congress, and while Senator Henderson is polite to Jon because Jon is a likable white-boy hero, but Jay says fuck it: We know you’re working for Bendix, we got you on video stealing Faultline – yada yada yada.


Jon is good cop here, and by nature, he tries to give the senator an out by promising to help the man if Bendix is blackmailing him. Krypto, like Jay, knows bullshit when he hears it.


Superdog attacks the senator, but for a good reason. MoFo is a fucking octo-monster. Controlled by Bendix, the tentacles get hold of Jon, and Krypto goes on the attack.


Side-piece Jay, the smartest man in the room, uses his powers and goes into the thing’s flesh. Inside, he pulls out the control mechanism—but in doing so, he loses his mask. His face exposed, thanks to the phone holding looky-loos, Bendix knows he’s behind Jon’s quest to bring him down. Remember that Jay’s mother, Sara, was the former president of Gamorra.

The issue ends with Jay-chan realizing he’s majorly fucked.

I’m glad Tom Taylor mentioned Issue 6 because that’s where we learned about Jay’s backstory. Noting this now tells me that Mr. Taylor will finally give us some superhero Jay.

This character wasn’t born with or given powers; he was tortured and altered violently until they manifested. It’s understandable why Jay is hesitant to just fade in and out of things – these aren’t gifts to him, they’re a reminder of the abuse he endured.

Sadly, knowing what I do about sequential story-telling, we likely won’t see Jay go full-on with his abilities until around issue 14 (or 15). 0_0

Now, I’m a BexBoy Gold veteran, so I’m used to waiting a whole month between great stories about gays in peril, but damn, the anticipation still drives me bonkers. LOL!

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