Review: The Nipple-esters

Today, I’m reviewing the English-language edition of The Nipple-esters (Nipple + Molesters, get it?). I read the original Japanese and am happy that translation-group Akai TL uploaded an English version to DLSite.


FYI: This isn’t your standard BL – it’s ‘yaoi’ in the western sense that the entire plot is purely sexual in nature. I often see confusion among BL readers stymied by the ‘spoiled plots’ on the sales pages of these works.

These books are marketed to an audience looking for some sexy art to rub-out about; details are essential to getting those purchases.


Our story begins with salary-man Sakaki Yotsuba, a cute little fire-crotch that boards the train one day and finds himself in the hands of an older train-car molester with a nipple-kink.

(Head’s up – I love nipple stimulation yaoi, and you will see a lot of it reviewed here at GGY 2.0).

This older MOB isn’t your standard schmuck. Oshushi-sensei gives him a little bit of face in some panels, but it’s never enough that you can’t put yourself in his shoes and take part molesting Sakaki (for you Noobs: that’s the point of MOB characters).

Sakaki is at first grossed out, until his nipples are touched and that’s when his brain goes splodey.


MOB realizes he’s got a nipple-whore on his hands and works with it like a master. For his part, Sakaki keeps coming back to the train knowing this man is going to molest him. It’s a win-win for both parties.

The guilt and pleasure consume Sakaki until its he can think about. He even jerks off in the men’s room at work while playing with his tits. The scene is funny as he concedes that he’s a pervert. The next day he’s back on the train with band-aids on his titties thinking he’s somehow curing himself of this ‘forced perversion’.

Our MOB is having none it, getting rid of the band-aids and ripping open Sakaki’s shirt. Scared for the first time, Sakaki calls out for help only to find himself surrounded by pervs that had assumed he and the older MOB were dating and just role-playing for the faps.


Our MOB quickly takes control of the group, centering Sakaki within it and gets him off on the train. His pants and shirt a total mess, our nipple-slut cannot go back to work. For whatever insane reason, he agrees to accompany MOB and train-pervs to a love hotel. This MOB is aggressive in a sexually satisfying way. He even comes armed with sex toys because his dream has come true and he’s given some of the best lines, as he excels at what the Japanese call ‘sexual bullying’, or, dirty talk bordering on humiliation & admiration.

One of the hottest scenes is when hotel-trapped Sakaki calls into work sick, while MOB works his nipples and quietly demands he come while he’s on the phone. *chef’s kiss*


The hotel gang-bang is well drawn and full of really hot scenes. The MOB decides to work Sakaki’s prostate while also playing with his nipples. He know what he’s got on his hands and plans to enjoy every moment of it.

05The group over stimulates Sakaki to the point that he passes out. He wakes up back home in his own bed and the MOB has hilariously added himself as a contact on Sakaki’s phone! MOB mails him a vid of the hotel gangbang that both disgusts and arouses Sakaki.

I truly hope the mangaka brings us more Sakaki and this particular MOB because these two are definitely a match made in yaoi porn heaven. I actually want to know what this older dude does all day that he’s molesting younger men on trains and carrying around a bag of sex toys in case he finds the right mark.

The Nipple-esters is totally worth the $3 USD I paid to download and read it via JPG and PDF.

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