Review: Full Volume

Today, I’m reviewing an ongoing Korean web-manwha called Full Volume, written by Albert and illustrated by Eun-ji Yang. It’s been running since 2021 and is available at Lezhin Comics.

I started reading because I’m a huge fan of artists Yang’s stand alone comic, Master x Secretary. The story telling by Albert is top-notch, so I don’t regret spending the cash.


Dowon Sa is a travel writer whose claim to fame is that he writes his travelogues like they’re prose. He’s like Anthony Bourdain, but for geography. He’s tall, built, and living incognito in a pricey apartment building – what’s his damage? Well, he finds out that the guy next door, the guy whose packages always end up on his doorstep, is actually his favorite cam-boy (cam-whore to we Philistines in the West).


So why am I, consumer of mindless porn, reading this romance?


Look at those tits!

The story progresses with some awkward run-ins over the package delivery. We learn that Domon is recovering from a physical injury that nearly side-lined his life and career, while our socially inept neighbor, Beom, is a young man still recovering from the effects of his father’s toxic masculinity.

Things get complicated when Beom figures out that Domon is the famous travel writer, Coral Snake, and Domon reacts in the worst way possible-revealing he knows Beom’s a cam-boy.

Shaming sex workers is never a good look and Domon regrets doing it and tries to make amends.


Eventually, the two work through the shit and hook up. Unfortunately, Beom’s trust issues keep Domon from being anything more than a neighbor with benefits.

It’s fun relationship because Beom is heavy into edge-play and Domon is more than willing to provide, even orchestrating and taking part in a pre-recorded episode of Beom’s sex-cam show while wearing a mask.

I must add that my favorite character in this series is Domon’s brother – a hottie lawyer that Domon calls ‘bitch-eyes’.


Who gives a shit about Domon when this one is up here is walking around with a pulse!!

Highlights from this series include Beom’s various subconsciousness’ meeting up in a courtroom to hash out current events that are plaguing him.

Mainly, the more he feels for Dowon, the less he wants to perform his live-cast; that’s bad because Beom is indebted to a skeeze that helped him financially when he needed it – this plays a larger part in the current chapters.

Another hilarious episode involves a company making a mold of Beom’s ass to make as a sex-toy. Beom does have that magic hoo-ha, and he loves putting things in it – refreshing for a BL bottom. As is his ability to kick the shit out of anyone that tries to physically hurt him (or Dowon). Despite his extreme emotional vulnerability, he knows how to throw hands.


It’s hard to forget Dowon is the focus of the series because Beom’s story is so compelling and Dowon is the one dealing with it. Dowon is the master romancer, and a pillar of confidence that someone like Beom needs to mend his insecurities.

I’m recommending this series, though some may struggle with the colorized web-toon style sex compared the black and white BL style. It’s also m|m friendly in terms of sexual dynamics and lifestyle depiction.

I’ll continue reading when it updates weekly at Lezhin Comics.



It’s over, OMG I miss it so much!!

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