Review: Watch Out for those Pillowy Pecs


This one-volume manga showcases writer/illustrator Wakachiko’s works for Charles Mag (where the sexy stories often have comedic elements). Some of my sister fujos and you younger fudans know this mangaka from her days of drawing Transformers porn.

My old ass bought this one for obvious reasons – the big tit bottom and his horny younger top – it’s a specific dynamic I enjoy.



The title story’s torrid relationship starts on a train, as they do in some of the best BL. It’s a close encounter that leads to an epic grope session, ending on a happy note in a men’s room.

The remaining stories are editorial-themed assignments. The first features a slutty oyaji rugby coach (bless you, Wakachiko!) whose newest rookie carries a torch for him from childhood. The next story is about a twin so desperate to acquire his own identity that he fails to realize his nerdy vanilla brother is an amoral whore. Naturally, shenanigans ensue once he’s dragged into his brother’s kinks.


The next couple of stories is about a boy whose body responds whenever someone touches anything in his mouth. Naturally, there’s an older dentist involved. A fifth story is for the monster-fuckers out there, a bit of sci-fi tossed in with some demonic fucking and fluids.


The sixth story goes deep with the angst and is about a suicidal young man whose desire to leave life is thwarted by someone just as eager to die. There’s co-dependency here and hurt comfort–but this is Charles Mag, so it gets a HEA.

The seventh story is a complicated one. It’s about a young gay who hates women, but the misogyny stems from when his best friend caused some unintended childhood trauma. How they work it out makes this the weakest story in the collection. The final tale revisits our man boobied salaryman and the young scrub he actually hired to work in deliveries for his company. They can’t keep their hands off each other, even at work.


The range of stories here speaks volumes about the editors at Charles Mag. Clearly, they know their shit. Wakachiko is up to the challenge of writing those stories, and I cannot wait to see her future works.

Watch Out For Those Pillowy Pecs – Wakachiko [Twitter]

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