Golden Kamuy Anime: Tanigaki

…because none of my followers asked for this, but that’s how I roll.

184922483020_0So I told him, ‘Look, don’t call me again, it wasn’t that great’.

184922483020_1  Look at that gorgeous brow.

184922483020_2Can we talk about how fashionable this Matagi is?
He wears green better than any tree.

184922483020_3   Tondenhei-gaki

184922483020_4  Those eye brows, that down turned pout…

184922483020_5Sugimoto, WTF are you doing here, go away!!

184922483020_6I wonder if that’s Maeyama without the ‘stache?

184922483020_7  Bonus Ogata…and you all know why.

184922483020_8 It’s full of stars!!!!

184922483020_9  He gives good angry.

184922483020_10    GK Fact: Tanigaki’s backstory and his recruitment by Tsurumi.

GK Fujiction: Tsurumi is telling Tanigaki he’s going to have bottom for Tamai, Ogata, or Noma– he has to pick just one, he can’t bottom for all three…unless he wants to – because Tsurumi is big on allowing choices.

184922483020_12 They’re just so perfect together.


My heart…

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